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Short Term Loans  

704-560-8992 or 704-904-6926

Acceptable loan size: $10,000- $1,000,000+
Rates and Terms: Fees as low as 1%, with interest at Prime +

Audit fee -none
Application fees -none
Due diligence fee $500 for expenses (we'll let you know you are conditionally
approved for funding prior to this expense)
Contract term -12 months

Advance range: Up to 85%, normal 80%, 90% staffing

Acceptable Locations: United States -all 50 states

Participations -yes SBC must manage
DIP financing -yes $2500 deposit
Government contracts -yes
Intransit goods -after experience
Single debtor -yes, good credit
Concentrations -yes, good credit
Intercreditor Agreements (in lieu of Letters of Credit) -yes, vendor guarantee

Type of projects:
A wide variety of businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and
service related industries.  Special interests in staffing, security, and IT consulting related industries.

  • 24 hour credit approval
  • 24 hour funding as a client, 1st funding 5 days
  • Contract 12 month, monthly min, must bring any exceptions up front
  • Lock box arrangements with notification, 1 x assignment verification, but ok blind after
  • Credit and collections (no extra cost for credit analysis or collections)
  • Daily reserve settlements and daily purchase-advance, collection, and reserve reports-weekly settlement
  • Reporting via fax or computer
  • Aging reports- real time on line
  • No minimum invoice size
  • Bank participation
  • Intermediary protected

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