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Funding Alliance LLC and partner organizations provide funding for most any
business which sells a product or service. We offer accounts receivable
funding, asset based loans, short term loans, as well as business real estate
related loans. Accounts receivable financing provides immediate access to cash
to increase sales, pay employees, acquire materials or inventory, or add
equipment without waiting for customers to pay.

Start-up businesses, those that are growing too rapidly, those that are in
recovery or have hit some glitches in their credit history typically cannot
qualify for bank funding. Funding Alliance's methods and sources provide
greater flexibility in providing lines of credit from $10,000 to $1 million.
Accounts receivable financing can also be an alternative for bank clients and accountants seeking to help businesses grow and thrive despite cash flow challenges.

Funding Alliance can typically be ready to fund your business in a few
business days from receipt of your application and requested documentation.

Please complete the request a quote form. Upon receipt, we will contact you to discuss
how Funding Alliance LLC can help. 

Please fill out the request form below. Upon receipt, we will contact you to discuss how Funding Alliance can help.

If you prefer a quicker quote, complete and submit the following information.

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